Mytrip - Filament (2016) 12" LP

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'Before I end this world I must survive growth.'

Following last year's Mytrip highly appreciated vinyl debut Empty, the Bulgarian ambient / drone artist is back with a long-anticipated full-length album. In Filament Mytrip is delving deeper into his raw and complex soundscapes. This time they are enriched by tense melodies, blurry rhythmic patterns and organic field recordings. Breathing on the thin borderline of ambient, drone and dub, Filament is Mytrip's most emotionally and musically varying release so far.

The record was written to be experienced live, thus it carries the signature aural harshness of the artist's recent works. Combined with Mytrip's immense love for drifting sonic environments Filament is an atmospheric, but intense story about birth, growth and self-awareness.

Press quotes:

'Filament is a splendiferous gatefold LP that looks and sounds fantastic. Mytrip have grown exponentially since the “Empty” 7"...' ~ Tiny Mix Tapes

'These are drones that do not simply expand into the abyss they are the abyss.' ~ Beach Sloth

' anguishing experience in sound.' ~ Side Line

'...un intricato labirinto fatto di droni densi e oscuri da cui emergono oblique linee melodiche scandite da partiture ritmiche irregolari.' ~ SoWhat

'Filament provides totally raw and cathartic psychical sounds that were nevertheless layered with sensitivity and caution.' ~ Foreign Accents

'Experimental bleak joy with a touch of industrial richness.' ~ KZSU Zookeper Online

'We hear colors... earthly, warm colors, no matter the harsh intensity in some of the pieces.' ~ Against The Odds

'Mytrip combines a wealth of range driven Dark Ambient and drones with field recordings and attention to pitch black resonance.' ~ Black Audio

'Ciò che emerge nettamente dal lavoro in esame è la crescita qualitativa e la maggior ricchezza di soluzioni messe in atto dall'act bulgaro...' ~ Dark Room

'...looking outside dawn slowly setting and daylight fading, Mytrip
plays some music for such sceneries.' ~ Vital Weekly

'Ο Βούλγαρος Mytrip στο τελευταίο του άλμπουμ εκφράζει αυτόν το ζόφο που έχει απλωθεί σε όλα τα Βαλκάνια...' ~ against the silence

'It’s cold, often apocalyptic, but not devoid of a specific kind of beauty, a beauty of natural, cosmic provenance.' ~ Santa Sangre

'This is a droning heavy weight for the understanding few. The world separated and moving as far away as possible.' ~ lost in a sea of sound

'... a sound that defies easy categorisation.' ~ Noise Receptor

Limited to 220 copies on black vinyl.

Written and recorded by Angel Simitchiev.
Artwork and field recordings by Silvana Ilieva.
Mastering by Ivan Shopov at Balkansky Studio.

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